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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 25, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> axelrod: tonight, a premiere like no other. >> whoa! >> i feel like nobody should tell me what i can and can't watch. >> axelrod: ben tracy looks at how a satire with mixed reviews became a symbol of democracy. just days after two new york city cops were murdered, the. in y.p.d. arrests a man accused of making new threats and finds an arsenal in his home. anna werner on plunging oil and gas prices. good news for many americans but not for all. >> take a shot at letting the ruler rule! >> axelrod: and jericka duncan introduces us to an unusual pastor with a gift for growing his flock. >> i just know what we do, which is love god love life, love people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. and merry christmas. scott's off tonight.
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i'm jim axelrod. it was once famously said that any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security would deserve neither and lose both. whoever thought benjamin franklin's words would be used to describe a seth rogue an-james franco movie, but after a remarkable nine day back-and-forth, in which an embarrassed and embattled sony picture pulled the more "the interview" after threats of 9/11-style violence, the film was shown in theaters today. ben tracy tells us highway a sophomoric comedy is now being hailed as an affirmation of one of the nation's most cherished principles-- freedom of speech. >> reporter: at a screening in los angeles just after midnight seth rogan, the star and director of "the interview," made a surprise appearance to say a rather colorful thank you. >> just wanted to say thank you. if it wasn't for theaters like this and for people like you guys this literally would not be ( bleep ) happening right now. >> reporter: many screenings
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at small theaters around the country sold out and living rooms were full of people watching the movie online. >> we never got a chance to formally meet, mr. great leader. >> reporter: critics have pand it, but movie-goers say that misses the patriotic point. >> it feels like i'm doing something being out here. i'm being proud for my country and so on. >> nobody should tell me what i can and can't watch. >> listen up! >> reporter: this les-than-complex comedy has become a symbol of free speech in the face of threats from north korea. even president obama mentioned the movie again during his christmas vacation in hawaii. >> i'm glad it's being released. >> reporter: sony is unlikely to recoup the estimated $80 million it cost to make and market the movie but the bigger concern for the studio is the fallout from initially cancelling the film's rely, as well as embarrassing e-mails and financial data exposed by the hackers. coeditor and chief of "variety."
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long-term how significant is the damage to sony's reputation? >> i think sony has considerable work to do with regard to their reputation particularly within the industry. the leaked e-mails have really impacted their relationship with major stars major people behind the camera, and it's going to take a lot of work and perhaps new leadership, to get sony back on an even keel. >> reporter: now, north korea has now responded to the movie being released. a representative of that country calls it "an unpardonable mockery of our sovereignty and dignity of our supreme leader." but, jim, north korea says it's going to limit its response to condemnation and not what it calls a physical reaction. >> axelrod: ben, thank you. in new york, a man accused of threatening to attack the police is under arrest tonight, and a small arsenal of weapons was allegedly found in his home. this comes as the city prepares to say farewell to two murdered n.y.p.d. officers. jericka duncan is following the story. jericka. >> reporter: that's right, jim. police say the threat came in
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yesterday afternoon. a man called 911 if a bank after he overhead someone on his cell phone talking about killing cops and possessing firenarms his house. by the time police got to the bank, the suspect left. police sent out a description of the suspect and found and arrested him. police searched his home and discovered two firearms, two bullet-proof vests and brass knuckleles. this comes nearly a week after two cops were gunned down by an mawho posted instagram messages that he would kill police in revenge for the deathes of eric garner and michael brown. on tuesday may de blasio reminded new yorkers if they see something, say something. today he tweeted, "this is a terrific example of police and the community working together to keepis all safe." authorities say there have been 40 threats against new york city police officers since the recent killings in brooklyn. they have made six arrests and jim, there will be a wake tomorrow for rafael ramos one of the slain police officers.
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>> axelrod: jericka, thank you. there was another rally last night in berkeley, missouri, to protest the killing of another black teenager by a white police officer. while the shooting on tuesday night took place just two miles from ferguson, missouri, where michael brown was shot and killed in august, officials in berkeley, both black and white were quick to point out this is different. here's vladimir duthiers. >> reporter: protesters stage aid die-in at the scene where 18-year-old antonio martin was shot and killed by a white police officer. demonstrations were calmer than the night before, but at least six people were arrested. some have voiced concern that police car's dash-cam was not activate. the officer was issued one of the department's three new body cameras but it was left inside his vehicle during the shooting. >> i would like to show you this video. >> reporter: to ease tensions, st. louis county investigators quickly released multiple angles of surveillance video of the
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incident. one angle shows martin stepping back and raising his right arm but there is no clear view of martin holding a gun. a .9 millimeter handgun was at the scene. >> because we have a video showing basically what the body camera or dash camera would have indicated i have no problem. >> reporter: but berkeley mayor theodore hoskins insists going forward he will have zero tolerance for nonuse of body cameras. >> in the future, when we are trained, there will be a severe penalty for any officer that does not turn it on. >> reporter: st. louis county and berkeley police departments are both conducting investigations into the shooting. county authorities have interviewed at least two eyewitnesss. the berkeley police department saysth investigation will be completed within a week. even though the police officer has not been identified he is currently on administrative leave. his lawyer says he's been shaken by the incident. if charges charges are filed jim it will be handled by the same prosecutor who handled the michael brown case. >> axelrod: vlad, thank you. as we just reported, in berkly,
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it's up to the officer to activate the police camera, but in some places, that process is automatic. here's bob orr. >> reporter: on a neighborhood street in palo alto, california, officer zach paren pulls over a driver who has run a stop sign. >> hi, how you doing. >> reporter:s this the view from the dash camera. but the rest of his cruiser's video system recorded much more. >> in palo alto, every police car is equipped with multiple cameras that provide a panoramic view. >> we've got now five cameras in every regular beat officer's pacontrol troel car that capture a 270-degree view around the car. >> reporter: with this screen you can isolate the one you want to see. >> correct. we can tap on any one of them. and pull those up. >> reporter: one camera points forward. two side cameras cover blind spots. a prisoner camera watches the back seat, and then that's rear
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camera, which recorded this collision in august. the system captures up to 40 hours of video which makes it possible for officers to go back in time. you literally might drive right past something that you don't see and later go back and say "hey, that was 3-r7b9." >> absolutely. the primary purpose is for us to preserve film that we can use in court later. >> reporter: it is also keeping tabs on how they interact with the public. accountability is a big part of it. >> sure. >> reporter: because this holds everybody acowblg. >> we hire people for character. and we want them to have character and treat people with dignity and respect and this really should be kind of secondary to everything else. it's just another tool that we have that shows we're doing the right thing. >> reporter: burns has already seen one effect, a drop in complaints against officers. with five cameras watching, chances are the the real story is being recorded. >> we gets lots of complaints there neighbors.
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>> reporter: as for that driver he pulled over, he let him off with a warning. bob orr, cbs news, palo alto, california. >> axelrod: tonight a lab technician with the centers for disease control and prevention is being monitored for a possible exposure to ebola. >> reporter: the c.d.c. is conducting a review of the latest mistake in which live ebola virus may have been sent from one lab to another down the hall one not equipped to work with the deadly pathogen. the technician who handled the sasm else was not adequately protected. c.d.c. director tom frieden is promising action, the latest in a string of pledges to update safety. he said, "no risk to staff is acceptable." >> for this to happen and put our workers potentially at risk, is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: that was frieden in july. it had just been revealed that c.d.c. work herself accidentally contaminated flu samples with the deadly h5n1 virus, also
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known as bird flu and in jiewrng the agency admitted that lab workers may have been exposed to live anthrax after it wasn't properly deactivated. those tampers have been transferred between labs in swrib ziploc bags a breach protocol. it prompted congressional hearings during which frieden promised sweeping measures to change the lax safety culture. they put together a panel of outside safety experts and temporarily shut down some labs but cbs news chief medical correspondent jon lapook says the c.d.c. may not have done enough. >> human error is always going to be present. you cannot get rid of it, but the question is you can change the culture? can you change the protocol so that when human error does occur it doesn't have disastrous consequences. >> reporter: the materials that potentially contained live ebola in the latest accident were destroyed before officials even discovered the problem. the c.d.c. never got to test the
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actual specimen, so, jim we may never know how big a mistake this actually was. >> axelrod: juliana goldman in our washington newsroom, thank you. the ebola outbreak that originatedoriginated in africas that grown to 19,000 cases and 600 deaths. in sierra leone the government banned holiday celebrations. on the radio christmas concerts were replaced by public health announcements. more from debora patta. >> reporter: before sierra leone took the descrask step of banning all public activities, it was going to be a bleak holiday for these ebola orphans. deprived of one or often both of their parents, they are cared for by survivors of the disease as the infection rate continues to rise in their country. sierra leone has had over 9,000 cases of ebola, more than three times that of guinea and 1200 more than liberia. american doctor dan kelli is an
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infectious disease expert just returned from more than a month working in the west african country. he says the christmas ban is sad but necessary. >> i can only imagine how that would impact a country of people who are used to going home to their villages and spending time with their families. i really hope this is the last christmas in sierra leone that we see the need for a ban. >> reporter: one reason for the high infection rate is that families have continued to show reluctance in informing health authorities about ebola cases. for many months, they have been in denial and work version at call centers are routinely called liars. >> most of the people don't believe us. >> reporter: kelly is convinced infections will continue to flare for at least another six months but the roll-out of ebola vaccinations will be crucial in ending this epidemic. >> while we're waiting for vaccines to roll out and become available in west africa, we need to be providing care. unless we do those things, soams
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more people will not just be infected but die. >> reporter: there is no vaccine currently on the market but scientists are trying find ways to prevent ebola. and they've been encouraging signs recently, jim, when the first-ever trialave vaccine in africa showed promising results. >> axelrod: debora patta in our london newsroom tonight thank you debora. at the vatican today pope francis praised the health care workers helping ebola victims during his christmas day address but he also said, "there are so many tears this christmas." he expressed his anguish for children who are sold boslavery and reflected on the polite of refugees and religious persecution. tumbling oil prices are making this holiday saent best of time for some and the worst for others. and get a load of these stocking stuffers when the cbs evening news continues. this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix. along with support chantix (varenicline)
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i knew i should've bought bounty bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels. and that's a good deal. bounty. the long lasting picker upper and now try new bounty nfl prints. available at walmart. >> axelrod: for some. >> i don't know, we're going this way. >> rockefeller center is this way. >> for the albano family, a drop in oil prices made a trip to new york for christmas possible. >> that's perfect. >> i think we have a greater expense budget now to come into the city, something that i really wanted to expose my
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11-year-old to. >> reporter: but for people whose jobs depend on oil production, the talk is of layoffs and tough times ahead. in seminole, oklahoma, brian adams runs a sandwich shop where sales have already dropped 30%. >> most every check in this town, one way or another, is affected by the oil economy. >> reporter: local oil company owner melvin morn says that just under $60 a barrel, most of his wells will not be profitable. >> every day lately, the price has been dropping. it seems like it's a free-fall and we're hoping the floor will come soon and the price will come back up. >> reporter: bernard weinstein is an energy expert at southern methodist university. >> when you soo a 40% drop in price in a relatively short period of time and at the same time, you see a global economy that's pretty sluggish where the demand for oil is not growing nearly as fast as the supply of oil yeah, everybody's
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going to be hurt. >> reporter: but consumers are feeling the benefits of cheaper oil. gasoline makes up about 5% of household spending, money the albaneoze saved allowed them to visit the city and buy their son an x-box. >> honestly, it would have been fine if i didn't get the rest of my presents. being here with my family is a great one. >> reporter: regular unlead at this gas station is $1.99 a gal pon. if the forecast holds the average house hold could see costs sink until $2,000 for the year the first time since 2009. >> axelrod: thank you, anna. a panda cub got spooked and ran up a tree. we're going to have an update when we come back.
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in a statement, the bush family said the former president "had another terrific day and is in great spirits." his wife, barbara and son ?eel visited today. we have an update on bao bao the year-old panda cub at washington's national zoo. she ran up a tree on tuesday and stayed there after touching an electrified wire used to keep her contained. well we are very happy to report, bao bao came down last night unharmed and is now back with her mom. here's our most heart-melting picture. it comes from magee woman's hospital in pittsburgh where every newborn is wrapped in a stocking during the holidays. volunteers also knit tiny hats for them, 193 so far this season. up next, he doesn't look like most pastors or sound like most pastors but his services are standing room only. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall,"
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>> axelrod: at a time when so many houses of worship have empty pews, jericka duncan found a church that packs in the faithful and not just on christmas. >> that's the point of all this. religion is the elaborate handshake-- pray a lot make a lot of noise show how good you are, do all the stuff. >> reporter: in midtown manhattan, carlz lints is electrifying the audience but this is not the latest blockbuster on broadway. >> take a shot at letting the ruler rule. >> reporter: this is hillsong church, and lints the 35-year-old husband and father of three is not your average pastor. you preach anywhere from six to seven sermops on sunday. is it tiring? >> it's tiring, but you're also getting refreshed because you're doing what you were born to do. >> reporter: young people are
6:57 pm
drawn to hillsong's music. the church has its own record laiblg that sold 16 million albums worldwide and earns $100 million a year. ♪ i believe in the resurrection ♪ >> reporter: every week in 12 countries, 75,000 faithful fill hillsong churches. 10 million people follow hillsong on social media. >> we're conscious of culture that's the thing. our music is eye-openingopening and people g i didn't know churches do stuff like that" which is sad but it's the truth. that's why it opens so many doors. >> reporter: senior pastor brian houston founded hillsong 30 years ago. while the concert-like atmosphere differs from a traditional christian church, its core values are conservative. >> we don't want to turn our back on the bible at all. we just want to see the bible connect with people. >> reporter: women can serve any role in the church.
6:58 pm
openly gay couples are welcome but hillsong does not support same-sex marriage. why don't you agree with same-sex marriage? >> i think the bible is clear and so, ultimately, we are dependent on the word of god which is scriptures, and so that's the stand we take. >> it's not that we're against anything. it's what we're for what the bible says. so i have the right to have my belief, just like you have the trite have your belief. i just know what we do is which love god, love life, love people, have church the way we have it and let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: "welcome home" signs remind worshipers they're part of the family, and by making faith fresh, hillsong believes this crowd upon continue to embrace its christian message. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: and that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm jim axelrod in new york. and for all of us here at cbs news, merry christmas and good night.
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the holiday box office is in full swi and so is the last-minute mush push for award consideration. brook anderson is with me tonight. >> good to be here. looking ahead to who could be in therunning to take home oscar gold next year. ♪ >> if i can make it. >> he share this message and lieve so strongly. >> will unbroken get angelina a nod as a director? and in 2015 there could be a lot of oscar deja . >> is this your first academy award? >> yes. >> not overlook all of the newcomers we could see rsvping to hold's biggest night. >> what


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